Self-care in the Autumn/Winter months – the power of nature

Friday, October 30th, 2020


Today I’ve been taking some time out of a stressful week for self-care. A walk in the rain & fresh air around #polesdonlacey #ranmorecommon #tannershatch with the beautiful Autumn colours, splashing in muddy puddles , breathing in the fresh air and eyes adjusting to natural light instead of a computer screen was all very medicinal. If you are struggling with the shorter days, working from home, anxiety about current life challenges or increased social isolation take some time to get out in nature and to walk.


Many are working all day and miss the daylight altogether this time of year. It is important to try and take a break outside during the day; either a walk around the block or just stand outside for 5 mins. Hopefully the weekend will give an opportunity to explore outside.

Those who are unable to leave the house don’t need to miss out. If you can, open a window to get some fresh air and spend some time admiring the view. Natural light and nature’s colours are very restful on the eyes. Putting some music on and dancing or walking/running on the spot in 10 min bursts can greatly raise your mood and energy levels.

Mindfulness & meditation can also play a big part, especially if you are unable to spend time in the outdoors. Use a picture or a memory of a special place. Close your eyes and think about being at that place – the breeze on your face. What can you hear? What can you smell? What can you hear as you walk through the leaves or as the breeze moves through the trees? Even 5 or 10 mins of this can calm your body and bring it out of high alert mode.