Client Feedback

Monday, February 8th, 2021

It has been lovely to start 2021, seeing clients who arrived with us in a difficult place come to the end of their counselling and feeling so much more positive and optimistic.  Below is some feedback that a client has kindly allowed us to share.

‘Relate’s counselling taught me to truly listen, and own changes I could make in myself. I also learned progress by either person means progress for the whole relationship. It reunited my family – because, if I’m honest, they reconnected me with me – so I could better connect with her. That’s been a real game changer. Relate’s counselling isn’t free, but the outcome can be priceless.’

Our plea is don’t struggle on but make time to work through issues, however big or small they seem.

We will offer a one-off appointment with a counsellor to talk through what you would like to bring to counselling and for you to hear more about how it works.  The counsellor will ensure you know the options available to you and you can make an informed decision about the way forward.